leaving behind a steel pipe crop

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All the windows were smashed glass

■ reporter Ma Xiaopeng / reports Zhang surgery / photo


Yesterday,, two in the afternoon, in six districts Yijuminlou Economic Development, the Qi Wei in the scene smashed cars back and forth, "investigation" with. I used to survey the scene for others, the turn to his own private car survey the scene of the. This reporter saw a white Jetta car was smashed glass full, fragments of glass all over the floor, front face has changed shape,Louboutin Talon Compensé, a look to the car, in addition to glass fragments, as well as several small persimmon and an ice-cream skin.

WASHINGTON, first tentatively broken piece of glass,Louboutin Mariage,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/30/1/aska.cgi%3Fpage=10+inurl:aska.cgi+nervous&ct=clnk, the next day and then smashed one, and finally smashed the car altogether. The day before yesterday morning,http://www.ishigaki.cx, the Changchun Economic and Technology Development Zone, the traffic police Qi Wei, the name often hit the newspapers of "celebrity", looked at his appalling Jetta, I wondered: who had offended me in the end If you dissatisfied with what he can personally tell me ah.


"Or is the performance of their duties offend people " Qi Wei said that in the eyes of many,http://neetsha.jp, he was not a low-key, often on the newspaper and TV. Inquiries to reporters over the newspaper had published reports about him are: Earlier this year,http://www.020zyj.com/news/html/?41675.html, in Linhe street from the free road to the satellite section, after the repair of light rail along the pipe rack to withdraw, leaving behind a steel pipe crop, resulting in many car explosion tires, January,http://www.aiigr.com/cgi-bin/woody/joyful.cgi, Qi Wei, took a small hammer, a saw smoke sharp steel head, quickly tidy up; in April, he and several sanitation workers together, waving pickaxe,Louboutin Pas cher, the Linhe the street four a relatively large cement pile cleaned; May,Louboutin Bottines,http://www.vegeta.jp/cgi-bin/recipe/noahbbs.cgi, Qi Wei media to find a strange car accident scene, telling a deal with their own difficulties in this case.


Qi Wei said that before his car smashed twice, but not serious, a time damaged a car glass, and this is the worst night in the 9th smashed, in addition to a large back seat stone outside, did not see the other tools. According to the site's "tragic" Degree of view, this will surely be smashed cars to find out the situation, selecting the timing, but also spent a lot of effort, this point of view, this will not be a little young whim dry a.


"I did not put on a show for the people really do always right " Qi Wei said, because of his character too seriously,http://www.043258.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=17712&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1619933, stubborn, it is inevitable in the performance of their duties to offend people, so some people could not understand myself, so, it was He touched downstairs retaliation is also possible. Qi Wei had been reported.


21, the reporter on the scene saw the collapse of houses Wang Village North. The collapse of the house a mess, broken pillars were in disorder, blenders and a four-wheel vehicle on the site were buried in the rubble. In the corner of the floor collapsed, a pair of gloves and a dress. It is understood that when the three-storey building has been capped,hollister france, a dozen construction workers at the top, a sudden accident, broken brick pillars,http://blct.iwangfei.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14371, the floor collapsed, more than a dozen people were injured, a worker at the stairs of minor injuries and four injuries compared heavy, the way one was taken to hospital died.

Suiyang District Gusonghe Zhang Mingliang, director of the Office of the National People's Congress BEIJING, told reporters in an interview,http://www.tdk.com, said that the accident was illegal assault villagers to obtain funds housing, shoddy work caused by law enforcement officials have repeatedly discouraged, but to build caught ignored . Zhang Mingliang said that on February 16, they found a new village king was illegal housing, sent the relevant people went to stop, but the builder ignored, law enforcement officers secretly left dry, day or night. In the incident that morning, there are law enforcement officers went to stop, when law enforcement officers left, still construction workers, it is at this time, the accident took place.


Long injured Lu Jian said that he goes to work when the accident occurred less than four hours,christian louboutin homme, the current cost of treatment has spent nearly two million, are a patchwork family, and hope the government will come forward to coordinate and solve problems as soon as possible.

BEIJING,chaussures louboutin hommes, Feb. 22 Shangqiu (Reporter Qi Yong) February 19, building Suiyang District Shangqiu City of Henan Province Wang Xin Village Gusonghe offices are housed in 3-storey building collapsed,hogan outlet, killing one person died 13 accident people were injured, four people survived. 21 pm, Suiyang District Gusonghe Zhang Mingliang, director of the Office of the National People's Congress BEIJING, told reporters in an interview,http://www.yashima-tanuki.net/cgi-bin/tkbbs1/tkbbs1.pl?page_num=1]?%A1%A4%A1%A4?%A1%A4%A1%A4?%A1%A4%A1%A4?%A1%A4%A1%A4?%A1%A4%A1%A4?, said that the accident was illegal assault villagers to obtain funds housing,http://lash-rash.com, shoddy work caused during the law enforcement officers had repeatedly discouraged But construction caught ignored.

"Bang, we thought it was an earthquake." Mr. Wang said nearby villagers, after a loud noise was heard, feel the house shaking, thought it was an earthquake, we ran to the scene only to find the three-storey building being built collapsed . The workers smashed more, someone called the police.

Qi Yongshe scene in the hospital for treatment of Wu Chun even mention the incident that still haunt Qi Yongshe



In the collapse site, the village people talking, glad that the house has been capped, and people are on the roof, and if people are following disastrous consequences. Villagers near the Master Liu said ten days ago that this house is covered, there are a dozen people work every day, divided into two classes,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, the cover quickly. "The house did not dare to give cover live, less cement walls, pillars play less, just out of the base with brick almost, a little shake to collapse, not to mention live people." Master Liu said.

The reporter then saw the treatment of the wounded in hospital and Lo Wu Chun even longer to build. Wu Chun even told reporters that he just went to work on the third day, the accident took place, when he was knocked unconscious, woke up already was put out. Wu Chun even say they Neck (contractor) called Zhang Zhijie, Zhang Zhijie to meet deadlines, and subcontract to two collar (b Bao head), since the two contractors have been injured, at present all treatment costs are themselves.


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Zhang Mingliang, director said the accident caused a total of one death and 13 people were injured, minor injuries have been discharged from hospital, there are still four people in the hospital. Homeowners old South Gate villagers Micropropagated,http://laokuke.com/news/html/?63681.html, rent Wangxinzhuang land. Currently, the public security departments have been involved in investigating the accident. (Finish)


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and this identified as involving. Accordingly

Because smashing pry bank ATM machines and financial institutions accused of stealing 18-year-old Wang did not think he could drink this behavior due to face more than a decade in prison, or even life imprisonment. Yesterday, reporters learned, Yanqing Court conducted a public hearing. Court,http://www.foxue021.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=45412, since Wang attempted crime,http://www.enochnj.org/pagegen.cgi, did not get a penny, it finds that the amount involved as the key sentencing and become the focus of both parties debate. Defense a & nbsp; & nbsp; "I do not know what to use cash machines" Wang is the Zhangjiakou City, Hebei farmer, junior middle school education. Prosecutor alleges that May 7, 2010 morning, Wang came to Yanqing Kang Town Commercial Street, hammers and other hand tools, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank branch ATM machine Chong Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Cannes Internet cafe ATM machine prying, when a total of two ATM machines within more than 40 million yuan in cash. Wang wants to steal ATM cash machine inside did not succeed. In this regard, Wang strongly denies theft of cash in the ATMs idea, "I was drunk,Louboutin Soirée, a little out of control,Louboutin Pas cher, after the things I can not remember." Wang said,Louboutin Sandales, when Japan intends to Yanqing camp Chengzi to the village for projects, but did not find the owner, so the mood is very low, it is a drink. Its even said that he did not know what to use cash machines,Louboutin Plates-forme, have not used the bank card and cash machine. Interestingly, the beginning of the trial, according to the procedure when the presiding judge asked Wang whether to apply where a defendant who disqualified, Wang asked the representative of the State Prosecutor's indictment filed avoidance judiciary, and asked the reason,http://palevo.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=1026/index.php?/index.php/index.php/index.php, called "her with the Pirates party bank has a relationship. " But there is no evidence that Wang this application was rejected by the court. Defence II & nbsp; & nbsp; "when the incident I am not yet 18 years old." The trial, Wang raised an objection to the prosecutor finds its age. The prosecution pointed out that Wang was born in 1992. And Wang said he was born in 1993, "My Account my father declared, because then parents wanted me to go to school as soon as possible." Therefore, he is still a minor when the crime. For Wang said, the prosecution then presented Wang's account of the transfer of evidence and witnesses to the birth time of Wang, Wang et al.,http://www.xcsy.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=11619, The father's testimony, have proved Wang was born in 1992, at the time of the offense has been 18 years of age,http://www.vaswim.org/cgi-bin/rcalc.cgi, and with full criminal responsibility at the time of the offense. Defence three & nbsp; & nbsp,http://55baby.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=294120&fromuid=68255; "false aircraft deposits in the bank" & nbsp; The amount of data involved is an important reference case sentencing. The prosecution has thus presented to the Agricultural Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank ATM deposit in the amount of proven two smashed, were 5.5 million yuan and 30 million yuan, a total of 40 million, and this identified as involving. Accordingly, the prosecution believes that Wang theft of financial institutions, the amount involved is especially huge,http://www.hplulu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1344521, shall be sentenced to life imprisonment. For the 400,000 figure, Wang considered to be "false bank's." Wang's counsel also pointed out that, even if the amount of the case, the deposit amount is defined as the amount of crime would be inappropriate. The defender said that virtue can not be identified as the huge amount of theft. Finally,Louboutin Baskets Femme,http://tickets.go.poorvoyager.com/tickets/viewtopic.php?pid=188918#p188918, Wang also submitted to the court a statement of repentance, saying that the injured party is willing to actively compensate for the losses of banks. Morning News reporter Ye Qing

things happen really should not." Yesterday

□ Evening News correspondent Zhu Qian Wen Ya Ho Photojournalism Rail Transit Line 3 gates pit mouth,http://www.ems-tools.jp, to maintain the security order of a metro company and passengers intern physical conflict, the result was labeled as minor injuries. Yesterday, a post on the subway workers appear to be playing on rail transport forum. Reporters found that after the implementation of part of the track cross-site the new security measures,http://www.wireless-safety.org, in the morning and evening peak periods slow pit stop caused by passengers, a few passengers thus showing discontent. In response, employees of the Corporation in the post called for everyone's safety, the passengers on the measure to be understanding and cooperation. Internet rumors checkpoint clash "This was 19 years old intern, things happen really should not." Yesterday, reporters in Shanghai a lot of metro aggregation and metro employees fans've seen one on the rail on the 3rd line intern order to maintain security when playing post attracted attention of many users. Reporters saw the quote published the day before yesterday night, as of 14:00 yesterday, has four replies,http://bbs.tt919.com/read.php?tid-262522-fpage-80.html/read.php?tid-262522-fpage-80.html/post.php?fid=15?fid=15, and was placed in a prominent location in the forum. Users post,Louboutin à Bout Ouvert, said the incident was recorded camera process, and passengers physical altercations metro hospital intern was diagnosed with minor injuries. Reporters learned that the incident was the police, the police rushed after the alarm, the two sides have been successful mediation. Yesterday afternoon, a reporter asked about the matter Shanghai Metro Operation Company, related personnel but said it had not received a report. When more than 11 points last night, reporters once again landed in the forum, I found that the post has been deleted. Faced with new initiatives not accommodate passengers "What you pack inside knife?" At 6:00 in the People's Square station a pit mouth gates, subway security personnel through the X-ray detector scan after a middle-aged man wrapped carry inquired. "Zwilling kitchen knife ah, how?" A middle-aged man bewildered. "According to regulations,http://www.01ny.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=259150, the blade length of more than 8 cm knife is not allowed in the subway." Security personnel side edge to remind men to explain the transfer of ground transportation. At a time when the evening peak, behind him waiting for the security of the passengers have been lined up, from time to time someone urging screeners hurry. Finally, the man introduced screeners to nearby bus lines, middle-aged man was reluctantly turned away. Subway passengers please understand Staff Reporters learned that, with the Shanghai World Expo approaching,http://www.yiyeworld.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=512506, the Shanghai Metro will stop at all stations at the ticket gate machines, equipped with security equipment and adequate security personnel,Louboutin Bottines, including channel X-ray detector and other equipment, including, increase intake stop passengers from carrying security efforts luggage items. To ensure National Day security number 1,2,http://bbs.smnet.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,3,4 rail line 12 key stations recently closed trial security,Louboutin Homme, set up security checkpoints in the pit gates estuary, with channel X-ray detector, carrying passengers items to security. "Just because carry two boxes of moon cake, results in checkpoint forced the team lined up ten minutes." The people Ms. Chen told reporters that she has repeatedly explained that moon cake, but are still required to undergo X-ray inspection. Some passengers reflected, in addition to delays, they also worried that their package was a wrong. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed found that since the implementation of security, almost all of the passengers and screeners altercation for this day. Many screeners said, now passengers still adjusting phase, a long time to get used to. Reporters saw,http://moodle.ndna.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, for passenger concerns,http://www.gigliocooking.com/ja/faqs/faq-general/68-general-faq4.html, the Corporation deployed at the checkpoint personnel to maintain order. Only in the People's Square station a checkpoint, and more, when there forty-five screeners were present, a person in charge of view detector, other personnel are responsible for maintaining order. "We do,Louboutin Soirée, but also for the safety of passengers,Louboutin Souliers Plat, with the hope that people can understand." At the forum, many employees of the Corporation to issue such a call.


Over the past five years, Liu and her husband even feel that their kids are a little rusty, it takes time to find the feeling of home.■ dialogue character Liu even Hebei Shexian Hu Village as the villagers, aged 32 Liu Jia Zhonghai even her husband, Hu Village villagers ■ dialogue motive Liu even for "intentional homicide" has been widespread concern. She has Pipansihuan, detained in the detention center more than five years, he was eventually released. 5 and a half years ago, a boy Liu's village even poisoned, Liu even become a major suspect. Although the lack of evidence, after three years in custody, even Handan Intermediate People's Court sentenced Liu reprieve. After the Hebei Provincial High Court remand the case again in Handan and Shexian two levels of courts,Louboutin Mary Jane, prosecutors as "ball" kicked back. Over the past five years, Liu's husband has been running even innocence. August 7 this year, Handan City Procuratorate announced not to prosecute, even the day of the release of Liu. □ reporter also Zhou Mei in Beijing Experienced five years and 102 days, August 7, Liu even the "back clean", not a return to the detention center. Day Break, she was so described. She said she remembered every day in the detention center. March 22, 2006 afternoon, Handan City in Hebei Shexian Hu Village village director 6-year-old son in kindergarten suddenly having seizures,Louboutin Plates-forme,http://www.aihoku.net/cgi-local/aska/aska.cgi/sqaqkdvvcgbdeqb, sent to hospital after the death of gastric juice in the detection tetramine ingredients. Even the village chief because Liu had festive children, was listed as a major suspect object. According to media reports, Liu even the day of death in children under 6 years old did not even seen him. In the absence of sufficient evidence, the August 17, 2009, Handan City Intermediate People's Court of intentional murder and sentenced to death with reprieve even Liu. December 4 that year, Hebei Provincial High Court that the facts are unclear and insufficient evidence remand. Thereafter, the case in Handan City and Shexian two levels of courts,http://eye.catfood.jp/kousin5/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=50/, prosecutors mutual "pass the buck" for nearly two years. August 7 this year, Handan City Procuratorate announced the "Non Prosecution",Louboutin Pas cher, Liu even been released. According to Xinhua News Agency reported, Handan City, the relevant responsible comrades in an interview that the local law enforcement authorities will be "in-depth analysis of the case causes serious lessons learned." Liu did not return home even after release. Gu Zhonghai husband said his wife directly to the local government hospital, "check-ups", and a few people the door "care" with. August 9, Liu even said that out after two nights she did not sleep. 8 evening tired to not be tired, and went to bed for two hours. "I cried half the night." She says she does not love tears before, now unwittingly tears fall, "People in my entire life of a total of more than twenty thousand days, I will be in there for nearly two thousand days." . Son feel rusty Beijing News: out of jail, is not it a relief? Liu even: at 11:00 on the 7th I was released. Finally also his innocence up,http://rpg2000.4players.de. Beijing News: More than five years can finally take his wife home. What did you do to prepare? Gu Zhonghai: I want pounding gong, the name of the drum, buy some new clothes, happy, clear and simply take his wife back. Government to send a few people can go with us. We pulled back to give the hospital, saying it was for my wife to check the body. Beijing News: Now how about the body? Liu even: Fortunately,http://www.trekbbs.com/forumdisplay.cgi, that is some swelling. Now in the nutrient solution. Gu Zhonghai: We thank the government care. But sent several people to the outside, why? Is the fear that we and the media exposure. We can say that this is the "house arrest." Beijing News: Over the past few years, that child change his life? Liu even: children are 11 years old. I feel that he and I have a certain distance, say like the children and their parents say. Beijing News: how not it,Louboutin Bottines? Liu even: I asked him, do you want my mother yet? He said the thought. On the word, very frustrated, very reluctantly look. I asked him, do you remember my mother look? He said, I remember. Very simply, he did not reveal the mother's missing son. More than five years in jail, rusty. Beijing News: Do you feel the mental state right? Liu even: obviously feel a lot of memory loss. You ask me some thing, I can fluent. But I think I would of disarray. And, I feel very strange between husband and mentally not so much a feeling of closeness. These two days and refused to leave, slowly back some feelings. "Recognize it, do not suffer the" Beijing News: What is your original work to do in the village? And the child's father festive children? Liu even: I do IPPF statistician in the village. The child's father, the village committee leadership campaign,Louboutin Homme, let me help him win votes, I did not help him votes. He would not allow me to do work. Beijing News: There is physical conflict? Liu even: no. He dismissed me directly and let me go home. Beijing News: The child accident the day, what are you doing? Even Liu: My friends Guyun Ping homes, after lunch, I went home. Beijing News: Why think you're suspects? Liu even: April 25, 2006, they told me the psychological test. Test that day, my son do tonsil surgery. They say I have great mood swings. Then they cheated on me for. Beijing News: how to cheat for? Liu even: They took my husband's warrant, flashed in front of me one, just one second. I saw my husband's name. Later he recalled, it is false. Beijing News: Why is it false? Liu even: a piece of paper. If you cover the red stamp, obviously. I recall, did not cover the red stamp goes on a warrant. They say that your husband will admit what you did, and you move it quickly. Beijing News: This allows you panicked? Liu even: do psychological tests,http://firstmonday.org, I Shexian tourist hotel, see my husband. The next day, I was transferred to Shexian Sunrise Hotel questioning. I heard people in the next room shouted, particularly miserable. A fat Interpol said to me, Do you want to move, just like him. At 2:00 on April 28, I admit harm to a child. Beijing News: Why confess? Liu even: they coupling interrogation, 24 hours a day, three men a woman looked at me and let me sleep. I thought, recognize it, do not let yourself suffers. I am a rural person,http://www.ruemorguepress.com/cgi-bin/catsearch.cgi, the idea is naive. I thought, I have not done a thing, I say harm, the harm it? Husband "to head" protect innocent wife Beijing News: In recent years, as a husband, you have been traveling, for his wife to appeal. You always believe she is innocent? Gu Zhonghai: I have always believed that she would not do such a thing. I say to the Public Security Bureau, this is not my wife did it. Public Security Bureau asked me what. I said, I can stand a receipt, this thing if she did it, you can drag me out with shot, I guarantee employment head. Why do you think that public security is my wife doing? Then you get a hand to guarantee. And he immediately changed the subject. Beijing News: September 29, 2009, Hebei Provincial High Court remand, then it should be very happy. Gu Zhonghai: I feel very pleased that his wife would soon wash clean up. But I learned from Shexian Procuratorate inside, they think this case is very sensitive, no one wants to take. Later, the Attorney General said, who took back the case who answered, this one then. Beijing News: how cases progress since then,http://japan.rsa.com? Gu Zhonghai: September 29, 2010, the Handan Intermediate People's Court ruled that the prosecution withdrew the permission Handan City Procuratorate. To October 15, Handan City Procuratorate Shexian the case transferred to the procuratorate. December 14, Shexian Shexian Procuratorate has sued to court. May 4, 2011, the Court Shexian Shexian procuratorate returned the case again this year ...... until August 6, Shexian procuratorate to withdraw the prosecution, the date of the transfer of Handan City Procuratorate ...... push comes to shove, when people take to end it passed. Beijing News: The case is "pass the buck" when the heart fluctuation big? Liu even: so repeatedly, I am very depressed. I do not know when will this end it passed to stop. Gu Zhonghai: This case is not complex. Those words acknowledge my wife, and a check facts are not on. Kicking, it is absurd thing. It is intentionally playing, deliberately wronged. Favorable evidence, and will not listen to them. Beijing News: specific examples? Gu Zhonghai: The best proof of my wife innocent,http://www.ruemorguepress.com/cgi-bin/catsearch.cgi, is JIA Hai weeks. His home is only ten meters away from the scene of the crime, it is very important witness. But Handan City Court transferred the case to the High Court testimony when the witness dossier was missing. They might be hiding down, no pay up. Later lawyer urged to look for evidence, the court then said, had not looked in the dossier, and now to find. Beijing News: Do you think this is intentional innocent? Gu Zhonghai: Yes. I was very painful to lose hope in life. So fooled, I really could not go on. Want to die with them. Beijing News: You do aggressive behavior? Gu Zhonghai: I went to the procuratorate, who have poured the gasoline, the corridor also spilled gasoline. They promised me that horse up the appeal. The result was not. After a month, I went to the Procuratorate, and with seventy-eight relatives, the third floor of the fourth floor are doused with gasoline. I want to live, and later they stopped. Beijing News: In your opinion, courts and procuratorates Why should "pass the buck"? Gu Zhonghai: The case for too long. After three years of first instance it is, how to explain? Since muddy water trip on public security, and to reverse the verdict is a how humiliating thing. For them, the people is an ant, for us, is a big injustice, a family would be scattered. "This is a belated justice" Beijing News: More than five years, we have been waiting for the results, whether there had been despair? Liu even: in five years, I want to once: If the husband to find someone else, the children do not want me ...... that is my most uncomfortable time. Feel good point, I think my husband does not. Time of the accident, we have been together for seven years. I believe that he is responsible for her husband. But after all, I was sentenced to death with reprieve, I do the worst. Beijing News: What made you keep that? Liu even: my parents so much older, to the detention center twice a month. They did not see me, I just listen to the leadership of the detention center said they came. By law, before the decision (in force), they can not see me. More than five years have not seen their loved ones, it makes me very painful. Beijing News: how to get over? Liu even: I thought, this is a temporary pain, if you can not stand, can never reunited. I dream of thinking reunion, the three of us often dream, dream of my parents. Beijing News: What is the future plan? Liu even: This is a belated justice. Although come late, but wrong on the correction, still is work for the people. To me, the parents lost several laps, gray hair. Gesao my big aunt they have paid a lot of costs. I want to repay them. Beijing News: I heard that you have to lift the state compensation? Liu even: I'm writing a application, claims for state compensation. You have to give an explanation. Gu Zhonghai: so many years, the state compensation law is not enough. Mental impairment, is how much money does not turn back. We demand moral compensation. Welcome to comment I want to comment Microblogging Recommended | today's hot microblogging (edit: SN034)

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重叠症结词:刷信用的,萝卜家园!@_@ 当这些被降权的宝贝被降权,如何知道自己的宝贝被降权,那就只能权当给自己放假去旅行吧,我错了好几回了这个:错放类目,一个商品拆分多个页面发布包括商品和运费?是自己卖的不够多,一季度在违规累计到达一定分数后,完整遵照规则的情况下,得看店家自己决议了,已经降权的宝贝如何处理!怎么生意忽然不好了?其实不是的,但有很好的销量感到诶。 如何处理,这种问题客服不利益理; 2,不要恶性轮回,珍藏的多,所以当发现自己流量下降,不然会影响全部店铺的流量,此方法就请不要再空费力量的去尝试了,或者免费获取廉价商品。再就是包含重复开店也属于重复铺货,这样的商品是不会进入搜索库的,重大的甚至被封店? 1、刷销量等不规犯操作,仍然可能会以同样的理由。请大家公正竞争。 标题,描述不一致--若商品标题,价格不符--商品价格过低,而且不要有什么比方品质堪比西松屋啊或者什么什么同款之类的:对于被降权的宝贝,某些高手掌柜通过多种方法。因而对于有些违规行为。这样的能够更改下价格或者标题重新发布:如果是被淘宝整店屏敝多少天的话,就算这次恢复了。 当宝贝被误杀的时候,是你的宝贝被隐形降权了。就是说你是什么品牌就写什么品牌如果呈现两种牌子就属于滥用啦,同款不同色彩离开上架。很轻易错尤其是用淘宝助理的朋友自己做了模板的朋友请留神了。 反复铺货--这个就说的没法说了就是大略意思一个货色你别发好多少个来铺货,阐明你的法宝被降权了? 首先先容个简单的检测方法吧 这种检测方式,由于即便你卖了上万件.降权的成果就是; 4。,但毕竟淘不外淘宝的监控体系。还有什么最低,图片,发明你的宝贝找不到,那估量你怎么阅读也找不到你那被降权的宝贝了如何知道自己的宝贝被降权,最好之类的,在人气搜索上也排不上名的,自认为刷得百无一失,因为排序已经排在最后,如何防止被降权,也不容许用拍卖卖一个,秒杀价卖一个还有畸形价卖一个。假如有100条结果,可当初这种行动也会被判断为炒作信誉,必需先删除再从新上架处置。如果有10000条结果。 3? 1,xp下载,是我目前找的最简略的办法,正确率十分高,被降权的商品:现有良多掌柜都是通过虚构物品来疾速的刷成交记载,在断定本人合法经营,描写等主要信息缺乏都会被断定这种情形 还有一种情况是大家不太明白的就是 畅销商品 是指半年前发布的,价格题目就是另一种东西销量还在。  点击搜索销量或者是人气排序中是会被过滤掉的,图片,最长会影响一个月.为冲宝贝数目.这样的丧失对大卖家是无比惨痛的,邮费太高; 3?被比下去了: 这些实在只有居心做淘宝细心看过规矩的卖家都会知道基础上有七大舞弊行为 炒作信用---宣布纯信息; 2,ghost xp!有些淘宝卖家很纠结,省点话费吧,自己的宝贝迟迟看不见,如果你依照销量或人气排序。 广告商品---这个就是包括非商品信息的,只能找小二帮忙。。 2!淘宝将你降权了是不会告诉你的,或者写着什么本店装修请去主店购买之类的包括除本店以外链接的商品 错放类目跟属性---这个高深莫测了,都有可能会整店屏敝或是降权,重复开店我个人以为重要 是看两个店铺的登入ip记载、广告商品。也就是说,而好多天都无人征询,这样还会吸引更多的 人来购买,还不错咱们改改图片?明明自己的宝贝销量比其余卖家销售的好,我一卖袜子的友人就因为这样,给系统降权的,估计就排序在99位或者100位。这些都是可还 有一种情况是可能大局部都不晓得的,就是许多人在卖自己东西的时候可能一种商品卖断货了,虚拟物品的购置限度,系统下载之家,等于被搜寻到了排序必定是很靠后的。 邮费,早晚也会再降权、邮费虚假,如刷信用和虚伪交易的宝贝、软件主动刷收藏,也是会被降权或者屏敝的.这样被定为重复铺货。 判断降权的因素,而从搜索结果上点击只能查看前4000条的,可是为什么在淘宝搜索栏里打入要害字的时候。良性的市场价钱才是我们商家盈利的基本,就得放松检讨了,成交锐减,还可能导致信用被删除及屏敝,这是为什么呢:宝贝搜索不到了,即使等30天降权恢复后,信任很多人都会注意到现在淘宝会自动屏蔽一部门商品价格过低的商品以往捣乱市场。,最后打淘宝客服才知此结果,收藏的不其他卖家的好,且最近三个月都没有卖出过的商品,再转换为卖其它的宝贝,还有就是在描述或者商品留言里有显明的换好评的行为或者文字的。 标题滥用关键词--字面意思,教你1秒钟检测方法1 评论

系统之家win7 懂脆弱

【◆】【】【◆】,ghost 系统,鼠标指针.【歌名】两忆【作词】潘攀【作曲】潘攀【歌手】庄妍【歌词】要走久 少沙丘黑夜快要我淹没我泪化河 愁闷像落叶流浪寂寞歌谁附空似荒野 傻傻等说我实在要并知候 我没问候寂寞 寂寞歌知知道我像飞蛾扑向火懂懦弱知知道我像着魔傻傻等 厮守给承诺空似荒凉 傻傻等说我其实要并知候 我没问候寂寞 寂寞歌知知道我像飞蛾扑向火懂软弱知晓得我像着魔傻傻等 厮守给许诺知知道我像飞蛾扑向火懂执着知知道我像着魔两忆 两忆 ,xitong.认我解答解决问题辅助,win xp.请点击我答【选满足谜底】按钮. 评论

windows7 版本 这黑夜快要把我吞没

假如你以为我的解答对解决你的问题有辅助【◆】【你好】【◆】,操作系统下载,指针.请点击我的答复下方【选为满足谜底】按钮,win7 下载.【歌名】两个人的回忆一个人过【作词】潘攀【作曲】潘攀【歌手】庄心妍【歌词】还要走多久 还有多少个沙丘这黑夜快要把我淹没我的泪化成河 愁闷像落叶流浪寂寞的歌谁来附跟心空似荒凉 傻傻等你说爱我一个女人其实要的并不多不知什么时候 咱们不了问候寂寞的人 寂寞的歌你知不知道我爱你就像飞蛾扑向火为什么你不懂女人的软弱你知不晓得我对你就像为爱着了魔傻傻的等 厮守你给的承诺心空似荒野 傻傻等你说爱我一个女人实在要的并未几不知什么时候 我们没有了问候寂寞的人 寂寞的歌你知不知道我爱你就像飞蛾扑向火为什么你不懂女人的懦弱你知不知道我对你就像为爱着了魔傻傻的等 厮守你给的许诺你知不知道我爱你就像飞蛾扑向火你不懂一个女人对爱的执着你知不知道我对你就像为爱着了魔两个人的回忆 一个人过两个人的回想 一个人过 评论

无线共享精灵官方下载 在这里累积的知识数据可以反映到搜索结果中

  Duang!月底了,每人领取1G流量,百度运动与大家分享   最近百度搞活动,每人可以在百度钱包领1G流量,分十次领,我本人已弄第3次了!妈妈再也不必担忧我的流量了   链接:   https://1.baidu.com/?invite_code=KBMCZ4TV   第二是挪动流量〗【70M限领10次最多700M   第五是电信流量〗【100M限领10次最多1G   第六是联通流量〗【50兆限领10次最多500M   大家速度来,活动快停止了(⊙o⊙)哦   1: 进入下滑就够了!   2:点击要弄的流量!   3:支付一分钱!   4: 就OK了   “百度知道”,是用户自己依据存在针对性地提出问题,通过积分嘉奖机制动员其余用户,   百度知道界面   来解决该问题的搜索模式。 同时,这些问题的谜底又会进一步作为搜索结果,供给...
  Duang!月底了,每人领取1G流量,百度活动与大家分享  最近百度搞活动,每人可以在百度钱包领1G流量,分十次领,我自己已弄第3次了!妈妈再也不用担心我的流量了  链接:  https://1.baidu.com/?invite_code=KBMCZ4TV  第二是移动流量〗【70M限领10次最多700M  第五是电信流量〗【100M限领10次最多1G  第六是联通流量〗【50兆限领10次最多500M  大家速度来,活动快结束了(⊙o⊙)哦  1: 进入下滑就够了!  2:点击要弄的流量!  3:支付一分钱!  4: 就OK了  “百度知道”,是用户自己根据具备针对性地提出问题,通过积分奖励机制发动其他用户,  百度知道界面  来解决该问题的搜索模式。 同时,这些问题的答案又会进一步作为搜索结果,提供应其他有相似疑难的用户,office2010破解版,到达分享知识的后果。  百度知道的最大特色,就在于跟搜索引擎的完善联合,让用户所领有的隐性常识转化成显性知识,用户既是百度晓得内容的应用者,同时又是百度知道的发明者,在这里累积的知识数据可以反应到搜索成果中。通过用户和搜索引擎的彼此作用,实现搜索引擎的社区化。  搜寻引擎  百度知道也可以看作是对搜索引擎功效的一种弥补,让用户脑筋中的隐性知识变成显性知识,通过对回答的积淀和组织构成新的信息库,其中信息可被用户进一步检索和应用,雨林木风。这象征着,用户既是搜索引擎的使用者,同时也是创造者。百度知道可以说是对过火依附技巧的搜索引擎的一种人道化完美。  我们提示您留神,鼠标指针主题包,您须要注册并登陆,能力享受我们的完全服务进行各项操作,否则您只有搜索、阅读和答复的权限,并且不会取得积分奖励。注册成为“知道”的用户,是完整免费的。同时,假如您是百度贴吧的用户,您可以直接登陆。如果您持续登陆三次都显示过错,将进入配有验证码的页面。  如何发问  在输入框输入提问。  每个页面的顶端都可以看到“提问”的提问输入框,在提问输入框中输入您的问题,系统之家win7旗舰版。  例如输入“哪些食品不宜寄存在冰箱中?”,并点击“我要提问”,填写提问细节并赏格。接下来,您进入到一个提问细节处置页面,在这里您可以进一步对您的提问进行细节处理:  A: 具体阐明问题  您可以详细描写您所碰到的困难,以得到网友最好最有针对性的回答。  例如“杀毒软件并没有发出警报说我已经中毒,而且我也查不到任何的毒,也不开良多程序,但是今天频繁逝世机,是什么起因呢?”。  B: 设置问题分类  请您切记为您的问题抉择一个最适当的分类,由于只有这样,您的问题才干在第一时光内得到准确解答。  咱们的体系会对你的提问进行主动剖析并进行分类,然而很可能您对我们的分类并不满足,您能够在此修正已有的分类。

win7镜像 对空间、空间关系的理解能力

奥尔胡斯建筑学院也提供应持续教导,毕业后授予建筑学艺术类硕士。申请人必须具备下列条件︰必需有丹麦高中毕业证书均匀分至少10分相称于B,丹麦语和英语水准良好然而满意这两个条件,并不能保障必定会被录取。录取的前提是很严厉的,雨林木风。假如申请人必须参见学校举行的为期三天的考试,只有50%的学生能取得加入这个考试的资历,xp电脑系统下载,而参加测验的学生中只有三分之一的人能透过考试,从而被录取。考试的重点在于考核学生的设计,对空间、空间关联的懂得才能,学生的发明性,绘画、写作和处置问题的能力。  大局部学生为丹麦本地学生每年从寰球范畴内也招收少量国际学生。雅思请求至少6.5。另外有大批的交流生大部门来自欧洲诸国以增添学术跟思维交换另一面又高度保存丹麦建筑艺术的传统基础。跟皇家建造学院一起在当地都享有较高的名誉,纯净版xp系统。学院供给修建学以艺术摸索为基本,不仅不同于世界其余国度,更是在北欧诸国里也是自成一家。毕业后即有机遇申请丹麦建筑师资质和英国修筑师资质,office2010破解版下载

xp下载 促使传统商务向电子商务迅速发展


windows7系统 真石漆是一种很稠厚的厚质建筑涂料

真石漆设备是生产的专业生产真石漆涂料的。真石漆是一种很稠厚的厚质建造涂料,win xp,是用合成树脂乳液与不同级配的彩砂粒子及多种助剂配制而成的,xp系统纯净版下载,它的生产过程与个别修建涂料的生产进程是不雷同的,不须要通过高速搅拌或研磨等工序,重要是物料搅拌的过程,因而不能使用一般涂料的生产装备,office2007官方下载 免费完整版,应该应用合适于搅拌稠厚料浆的搅拌机进行出产,xp系统之家

xp下载 所谓“发水楼”问题

所谓“发水楼”问题,win7旗舰版,就是香港特区政府为了激励发展商兴建绿色环保楼宇,系统之家xp下载,例如宽免楼面面积(建造商能够增添上限为10%的整体修建面积)作为环保以及绿化功效用处(而不必缴纳修筑有关税费),让发展商兴修环保露台、空中花园、加厚房墙等办法。新的施政计划说,港府正踊跃斟酌不再供给额定楼面面积,office2007官方下载 免费完整,作为勉励发展商兴建绿色环保楼宇的诱因,也不消除破法强迫发展商参加环保设施,xp下载

windows7下载 主要用于定位

重要用于定位,鼠标指针图案,也可用于连接,windows7下载,他依附过盈配合固定在销孔内,office 2007。圆柱销用于定位是通常不受载荷或者受很小的载荷,数目不少于两个,深度xp系统,散布在被衔接件整体构造的对称方向上,相距越远越好,销在每一被连接件内的长度约为小直径的1~2倍。

win7旗舰版 它不同于传统媒体的信息单向传播


系统之家win7纯净版 当年12月立即加入了日本无产阶级作家同盟


雨木林风 对下巴颏过长者

1、对因下颌前突导致的反颌畸形,雨木林风,手术重要针对下颌骨,通过特别的截骨方法截骨后,win7 32位系统下载,将下颌骨后退以矫正下颌前突,进而到达改正反颌畸形的目标。通过将下颌骨截骨撤退,岂但缩短下颌的长度,而且在后退的同时伴有上颌骨向上旋转,下颌角的角度变小,侧面看也变得更加雅观,office2010破解版下载。对下巴颏过长者,还需同时将颏骨截骨缩短,电脑系统

xp系统之家 全村农民的收入就是靠这两项农作物

福建省宁德市焦城区九都镇洋岸板村,xp系统之家。地处闽东。焦城以北33公里,ghost 系统。霍童溪旁。人口1000多人,鼠标指针下载。姓氏散布较多。其中陈、冯及廖两姓占多数,这里特产《支提山八卦芦柑》销往全国个地,纯净版xp系统。也是茶叶之乡。全村农夫的收入就是靠这两项农作物。 廖振华留 2010/04/05

ghost 系统 在评职称时可视为科研成果并记分

2,xp系统下载.凡获省(市)级二等奖以上(不含二等)嘉奖的参赛队的领导老师(主教练)在评职称时可视为科研结果并记分。正高等职称:全国特等奖计4分、全国一等奖计3分,全国二等奖和省(市)级特等奖计2分,萝卜家园,省(市)级一等奖计1分,此项最多计4分;副高级职称:全国特等奖计6分、全国一等奖计5分,win7 64位系统下载,全国二等奖跟省(市)级特等奖计3分,省(市)级一等奖2分,此项最多计6分,ghost 系统

office2010破解版 公司视员工为业务合作伙伴

“尊敬每一个人,老实正派,寻求出色” 的价值观是公司百年不渝的追求。打开礼来的史册,数不尽的事例展现Lilly这一浓烈的文明传统,ghost xp sp3 纯净版,人力资源治理上更是充足体现了这些价值观:公司薪资福利政策首先确保为Lilly员工供给有尊严的生涯保障,更为每一名优良事迹的员工提供有竞争力薪酬;公司视员工为业务配合搭档,office2007官方下载免费完整版,独特成长是互利于双方的基石,为此公司不懈尽力构筑了一套培训系统,windows7系统下载,让员工从课堂上,共事中跟工作中互动的学习进步技巧,office2010破解版。有岗位空白时,公司会优先招募及格的内部员工,籍此发明轮岗与提升的机遇。

xp系统下载 剪断脂肪生成链


笔记本xp系统下载 同时在乌树林糖厂内也展示各年代火车头


深度xp纯净版 极少径列复管孔

树皮,厚0.5~0.8cm,质较软,易块状剥落。外皮灰褐色,深度xp纯净版;易小片状脱落而残留浅凹坑;细点状皮孔密集。内皮深红褐色;纤维发达,易入党长条。新颖树皮刚剥落时,材表他皮底均呈红黄色。横断面:心边材差别略显著,ghost xp 下载。心材橙红色至浅红褐色。边材灰白,萝卜家园。成长轮明显。主为单管孔,极少径列复管孔(2~3个)。轴向薄壁组织放大镜下简直不见。木射线放大镜下显明,中至密,2007

xp纯净版 在上级组织和各级领导支持下


office2007免费版下载 1868骞

瀹夊痉鏂峰焹鏍兼柉鐗规湕闈掑勾鏃舵湡灏辫浜?a target=_blank href="/view/14445.htm">鐟炲吀鐨?a target=_blank href="/view/464772,office2007免费版下载.htm">涔屾櫘钀ㄦ媺澶у銆,office2007?a target=_blank href="/view/104596.htm">1853骞?/a>锛屽焹鏍兼柉鐗规湕鏈?鍏堜粠姘斾綋鏀剧數鐨勫厜璋变腑纭畾浜嗘阿鐨凥伪璋辩嚎锛岃瘉鏄庡畠灏辨槸澶悈绂捐垂鍦ㄥお闃冲厜璋变腑鍙戠幇鐨凜绾裤?傞櫎姝や箣澶栵紝浠栬繕鎵惧埌浜嗘阿鍘熷瓙鍏夎氨鍙﹀涓夋牴鍦ㄥ彲瑙佸厜娉㈡鍐呯殑璋辩嚎锛屽嵆H尾銆丠纬銆丠未璋辩嚎锛屽苟绮剧‘娴嬮噺浜嗗畠浠殑娉㈤暱銆,系统下载? 1868骞?/a>锛屽焹鏍兼柉鐗规湕鍙戣〃浜嗘爣鍑嗗お闃宠氨鍥捐〃锛岃褰曚簡澶槼鍏夎氨涓笂鍗冩潯璋辩嚎鐨勬尝闀匡紝浠,xp系统下载?绫充负鍗曚綅锛岀簿纭埌鍏綅鏈夋晥鏁板瓧銆傝繖浜涙暟鎹垚涓哄綋鏃剁殑鍥介檯鏍囧噯銆?/div>

系统之家官网 榜头有一条小街


windows xp ghost 这将会是得不偿失的结果

海内现存文学网最大问题就是:广告太多,而且多以引诱点击为主,主题缭绕财色去吸引读者,windows xp ghost,更有甚者直接只用弹窗情势去逼迫读者观看,使得读者十分恶感,有的文学站每一页内容都包括2~5个弹窗,惹得良多读者当初提到文学网站的广告就谈之色变,系统下载之家,文学网站的市场须要进一步去标准,microsoft office 2007,不然,急功近利之后剩下的将只剩读者对小型原创文学网站的不信赖,win7 下载,这将会是得失相当的成果。

win764位系统下载 湾湾见潭之说

见潭村位于西江镇西北部,东与饼丘村,南与牛睡村,西、北与小密村相邻。全村总面积18.58平方公里,win764位系统下载,其中耕地面积1476亩,ntldr。辖下17个村小组,445户,2016人。境内丘陵起伏,山环水绕,win7 旗舰版,澄江直通南北,河床湾多潭 ,操作系统下载,有九湾十潭,湾湾见潭之说,故名见潭。重要农作物有水稻、红薯、大豆等,主要矿产有稀土、铀、金、瓷土等。

ghost 系统 中原油气区中生代-古生代地层_百度百科

本书通过对生物地层、岩石地层、测井地层、地震地层、同位素年纪、沉积旋回等的综合研讨,ghost 系统,将中原油气区10余个凹陷中生代一古生代地层进行了同一划分与比较,win7旗舰版,解决了区内中生界一古生界的地质年代归属、地层散布法则与横向变更、地层接触关联、区域地层对比、结构层划分、盆地演变等问题;树立了地层尺度剖面、综合剖面跟地层划分对照的岩性、电性标记及古生物化石组合,w7桌面主题下载。提出了东濮“高阻红”属于下三叠统下部、在莘县凹陷存在中一下株罗统等一系列新的意识,旗舰版win7

萝卜家园 舍讷费尔德在柏林州和环绕柏林的勃兰登堡州之间

经由十年的administrative court battle2006年3月16日莱比锡的联邦行政法院gave the go-ahead for the project by ruling in favour of 柏林 against challenges by机场邻近的居民,萝卜家园。舍讷费尔德在柏林州跟围绕柏林的勃兰登堡州之间,ghost 系统,机场的名字反应了机场将服务于两个地域,window7旗舰版64位



新萝卜_xp系统纯净版下载 成立 26 年多以来

美国国家仪器公司(NI)是虚拟仪器技巧的开创人与提倡者,成破 26 年多以来,NI始终在为宽大用户供给树立在诸如产业尺度盘算机及互联网等飞速发展的贸易科技基本上的虚构仪器解决计划,彻底转变着工程师和迷信家们的工作方法。NI 为用户提供易于集成的软件如图形化开发环境 NI LabVIEW,以及模块化硬件如用于数据采集或用于数据采集、仪器把持跟机器视觉的 PXI 模块化仪器,辅助全世界的用户们进步工作效力。NI总部设于美国德克萨斯州的奥斯汀,共领有 3000 多名员工,在 40 个国度中设有分支机构。2002 年度,寰球共有 80 多个国家的超过 25,新萝卜_xp系统纯净版下载, 000 家公司购置了 NI 产品。在从前持续五年里,《财产》杂志评比 NI 为全美最合适工作的 100 家公司之一。

office2007官方下载免费完整版 DBS

富洋媒体科技股份有限公司技巧顾问,office2007官方下载免费完整版,中华卫星与有线电讯工程学会第五、六届声誉理事长,系统下载之家,“中华民国有线电视工程学会”第一、二、四届理事长,win7 64位系统下载,法波兰法理参谋股份有限公司资深副总荷商Space Tel股份有限公司(DBS)工程资深副总,win7激活工具

系统之家xp下载 使创作水平得以提高


ghost xp 下载 下载大量恶意程序并在被感染计算机上自动调用运行

Exploit,ghost xp 下载.JS.Real,win764位系统下载.x“Real蛀虫”变种x是“Real蛀虫”脚本家族的最新成员之一,采取javascript脚本语言编写,并且经由加密处置,应用Real Player媒体播放器中的漏洞传布其它病毒。“Real蛀虫”变种x个别内嵌在畸形网页中,ghostxp,假如用户计算机不及时进级修补Real Player媒体播放器相应的破绽补丁,那么当用户应用阅读器拜访带有“Real蠹虫”变种x的恶意网页时,就会在当前用户盘算机的后盾衔接骇客指定站点,下载大批恶意程序并在被沾染计算机上主动调用运行。所下载的歹意程序可能为是网游木马、恶意广告程序、后门等,xp 纯净版,给用户带来不同水平的丧失。

青苹果家园 坐此窍声劳我神识

尔时行者礼诸普贤。而作是言。我有何罪。但见宝地宝座及与宝树。不见诸佛。作是语已。一一座上。有一世尊端严奥妙。而坐宝座。见诸佛已心大欢喜。复更诵习大乘经典。大乘力故。空中有声而惊叹言。善哉善哉善男子。汝行大乘功德因缘能见诸佛。今虽得见诸佛世尊。而不能见释迦牟尼佛分身诸佛及多宝佛塔。闻空中声已。复勤诵习大乘经典。以诵大乘方等经故。即于梦中。见释迦牟尼佛。与诸大众。在耆阇崛山。说法华经。演一实义。教已忏悔。渴仰欲见。合掌胡跪向耆阇崛山。而作是言。如下世雄常在世间。愍念我故为我现身。作是语已。见耆阇崛山七宝肃穆。无数比丘声闻民众。宝树行列宝地平正。复铺妙宝师子之座。释迦牟尼佛放眉间光。其光遍照十方世界。复过十方无量世界,青苹果家园。此光至处。十方分身释迦牟尼佛。一时云集。广说如妙法华经。逐一分身佛。身紫金色。身量无边。坐师子座。百亿无量诸大菩萨。认为眷属。一一菩萨。行同普贤。如此十方无穷诸佛菩萨眷属。亦复如是。大众集已。见释迦牟尼佛举身毛孔放金色光。一一光中有百亿化佛。诸分身佛。放眉间白毫大人相光。其光流入释迦牟尼佛顶。见此相时。分身诸佛一切毛孔。出金色光。一一光中。复有恒河沙微尘数化佛。尔时普贤菩萨。复放眉间大人相光。入行者心。既入心已。行者自忆从前无数百千佛。所受持读诵大乘经典。自见故身。了了明显。如宿命通等无有异。释然大悟。得旋陀罗尼。百千万亿诸陀罗尼门。从三昧起。面见一切分身诸佛。众宝树下坐师子床。复见琉璃地。如莲华聚。从下方空中踊出。一一华间。有微尘数菩萨。结加趺坐。亦见普贤分身菩萨。在彼众中赞叹大乘。时诸菩萨异口同音。教于行者清净六根。或有说言。汝当念佛。或有说言。汝当念法。或有说言。汝当念僧。或有说言。汝当念戒。或有说言。汝当念施。或有说言。汝当念天。如此六法。是菩提心。生菩萨法。汝今应当于诸佛前发露先罪。至诚忏悔。于无量世。眼根因缘贪着诸色。以着色故。贪爱诸尘。以爱尘故。受女人身。世世生处惑着诸色。色坏汝眼。为恩爱奴。色使使汝阅历三界。为此弊使盲无所见。今诵大乘方等经典。此经中说。十方诸佛色身不灭。汝今得见审实尔不。眼根不善伤害汝多。随顺我语归向诸佛。释迦牟尼说汝眼根所有罪咎。诸佛菩萨慧明法水。愿以洗除令我喧扰。作是语已。遍礼十方佛。向释迦牟尼佛大乘经典。复说是言。我今所忏。眼根重罪障蔽秽浊。盲无所见。愿佛大慈哀愍覆护。普贤菩萨乘大法船。普度一切。十方无量诸菩萨伴。唯愿慈哀听我悔过。眼根不善恶业障法。如是三说。五 体投地。正念大乘。心不忘舍。是名忏悔眼根罪法。称诸佛名。烧香散华。发大乘意。悬缯幡盖。说眼过患忏悔罪者。此人现世见释迦牟尼佛。及见分身无量诸佛。阿僧祇劫不堕恶道。大乘力故。大乘愿故。恒与所有陀罗尼菩萨共为眷属。作是念者是为正念。若他念者名为杂念。是名眼根初境界相。净眼根已。复更诵读大乘经典。日夜六时胡跪忏悔。而作是言。我今云何。但见释迦牟尼佛分身诸佛,系统下载。不见多宝佛塔全身舍利。多宝佛塔恒在不灭。我浊恶眼。是故不见。作是语已。复更忏悔。过七日已。多宝佛塔从地涌出。释迦牟尼佛。即以右手开其塔户。见多宝佛入普现色身三昧。一一毛孔。流出恒河沙微尘数光明。一一光亮。有百千万亿化佛。此相现时。行者欢喜。赞偈遶塔满七匝已。多宝如来出大音声。赞言法子。汝今实在能行大乘。随顺普贤眼根忏悔,windows7主题下载免费。以是因缘。我至汝所为汝证实。说是语已赞言。善哉善哉释迦牟尼佛。能说大法。雨大法雨。成绩浊恶诸众生等。是时行者。见多宝佛塔已。复至普贤菩萨所。合掌敬礼白言。巨匠教我悔悟。普贤复言。汝于多劫。耳根因缘随逐外声。闻妙音时心生惑着。闻恶声时起八百种懊恼贼害。如斯恶耳报得恶事。恒闻恶声生诸攀登。倒置听故。当堕恶道边地邪见不闻法处。汝于今日。诵持大乘功德海藏。以是缘故见十方佛。多宝佛塔现为汝证。汝应自当说己过恶忏悔诸罪。是时行者闻是语已。复更合掌五体投地。而作是言。正遍知世尊。现为我证方等经典。为慈善主。唯愿观我听我所说。我从多劫乃至今身。耳根因缘听见惑着。如胶着草。闻诸恶时起烦恼毒。处处惑着无暂停时。坐此窍声劳我神识。坠堕三涂。今始觉知。向诸世尊发露忏悔。既忏悔已。见多宝佛放大光明。其光金色。遍照东方及十方界。无量诸佛身真金色。东方空中作是唱言。此佛世尊。号曰善德。亦有无数分身诸佛。坐宝树下师子座上。结加趺坐。是诸世尊。一切皆入普现色身三昧。皆作是赞言。善哉善哉善男子。汝今读诵大乘经典。汝所诵者。是佛境界。说是语已。普贤菩萨。复更为说忏悔之法。汝于前世。无量劫中。以贪香故。分辨诸识处处贪着。腐化生死。汝今应该观大乘因。大乘因者诸法实相。是闻是语已。嗤之以鼻复更忏悔。既忏悔已当作是语。南无释迦牟尼佛。南无多宝佛塔。南无十方释迦牟尼佛分身诸佛。作是语已。遍礼十方佛。南无东方善德佛。及分身诸佛。如眼所见。一二心礼。香华赡养。供养毕已。胡跪合掌。以种种偈惊叹诸佛。既赞叹已。说十恶业忏悔诸罪。既忏悔已而作是言,win xp 纯净版。我于先世无量劫时。贪香味触做作众恶。以是因缘无量世来。恒 受地狱饿鬼牲畜边地邪见诸不善身。如此恶业本日发露。归向诸佛正法之王。说罪懊悔。既忏悔已。身心不懈。复更诵读大乘经典。大乘力故。空中有声。告言方法。汝今应当向十方佛赞说大乘。于诸佛前自说己过。诸佛如来是汝慈父。汝当自说舌根所作不善恶业。此舌根者。动恶业相。妄语绮语恶口两舌。毁谤妄言。赞叹邪见。说无益语。如是众多诸杂恶业。构斗坏乱法说非法。如是众罪。今悉忏悔。诸世雄前。作是语已五体投地。遍礼十方佛。合掌长跪当作是语。此舌过患无量无边。诸恶业刺从舌根出。断处死轮从此舌起。如此恶舌断功德种。于非义中多端强说。赞叹邪见如火益薪。如同猛火损害众生。如饮毒者无疮疣逝世。如此罪报恶邪不善。当堕恶道百劫千劫。以妄语故堕大地狱。我今归向南方诸佛发露黑恶。作是念时。空中有声。南方有佛名栴檀德。彼佛亦有无量分身。一切诸佛。皆说大乘除灭罪行。如此众罪。今向十方无量诸佛大悲世尊。发露黑恶诚恳忏悔。说是语已。五体投地。复礼诸佛。是时诸佛。复放光明照行者身。令其身心天然欢乐。发大慈悲普念一切

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